Twelve people rescued from Funtrackers roller coaster in Corpus Christi

Nueces County ESD #2

CORPUS CHRISTI – Twelve people were rescued on Friday after a roller coaster at Funtrackers in Corpus Christi got stuck at the top of the ride.

According to the Corpus Christi Fire Department, on August 9, firefighters were called to the scene and immediately cut off the power for the ride while rescue efforts began.

A cherry picker was deployed by the CCFD and the passengers were extracted from the ride one by one.

Battalion Chief Jim Devisser stated, “The people were in a pretty precarious situation. We were able to get all 12 people off the roller coaster in about an hour. Which from a rescue standpoint is a very timely extraction.”

Nueces County ESD #2

The passengers were all taken off the ride safely, however, CCFD reported that some were taken to the hospital for observation.

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