Texas Breaking News launches TBN Classifieds

TEXAS — Now Texas Breaking News is giving users access to part of their website to post classified ads.

The listing options include everything from Vehicles to Real Estate, For Rent, For Sale, Jobs, and even Dating.

“There are so many garage sale groups on Facebook, that they are kind of watered down with so many listings, and it’s hard to get your listing seen by a lot of people. With this, listings will be very easy to navigate and find, and we hope to help a lot of people in Texas find what they are looking for and sell what they are trying to sell,” said Texas Breaking News President Mike Taylor.

The service will be free for the first week, with Texas Breaking News letting the public take advantage of the first week and start putting their listings on the site, then the price goes to $25 per listing starting August 4th.

“It’s a beautiful thing,” said Mike Taylor. “Imagine Real Estate agents being able to list their houses without the properties being surrounded by 1,000 other houses on a list — Or the person who is trying to sell his truck, getting it out there to a bunch of people on a state-wide news platform and getting it sold.”

Users can upload several pictures to showcase their listings, and they can even embed a video to the listing. When the listing is shared on social media, it shows an image that is uploaded to the listing along with the name of it.

Every time someone places a listing, whether it’s free or paid, they are able to post it in the Texas Breaking News Facebook group with over 20,000 members one time for no extra charge.

“We haven’t really had a way to effectively allow classified listings into the Texas Breaking News group until now. We think this will be a positive change and experience for our followers and members,” said Mike.

You can go to TexasBreakingNews.com/classifieds if you would like to take advantage of the free promo week.


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