Seniors at Texas high schools will be required to fill out FAFSA beginning in 2021


AUSTIN – Begining in 2021, Texas high school seniors will be required to fill out a federal financial aid application, FAFSA, to avoid leaving unclaimed free college funding.

The House Bill 3 law, signed by Governor Greg Abbott this summer, involves increasing school funding and approval of teacher raises which resulted in the new requirement.

Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi financial aid outreach advisor Kayla Lopez stated, “All high school seniors are highly encouraged to complete it so that they can be awarded potential grants, scholarships, work-study, and federal loans.”

Lopez added, “Your FAFSA application could be thousands of dollars in free money that you elsewise would have never received. These are separate from private scholarships and students are also encouraged to apply for as many private scholarships as they possibly can to increase the money they are going to have for college.”

It was reported that in 2018, high school classes nationwide had a total of $2.6 million of unclaimed financial aid and last year, only approximately 5 percent of Texas high school seniors completed an application with FAFSA.

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