PSA- Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office warns about human trafficking hoax

Credit: Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office

MONTGOMERY COUNTY – There have been reports of a photo and post circulating since 2018 warning women about human trafficking. The Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office is requesting the community to help put an end to the spread of this post due to the post being fake.

The MCSO, along with their state and federal law enforcement counterparts have not received any reports of human trafficking, kidnappings, or related attempts related to the post. The phony post states traffickers placing zip ties on the side mirrors and windshields, there have been no reports of to police about zip ties being used to mark possible targets.

Credit: Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office

Though this post is a hoax, the sheriff’s office wants to remind citizens to remain aware of their surroundings at all times. If anyone makes you feel uncomfortable or you feel in fear at any time, call 911 or the MCSO immediately.

Credit: Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office

Help stop the spread of this hoax post and misinformation.

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