VIDEO: Deer with foaming mouth shows up by Kerrville Golf Course

Credit: Liz Moreno

Kerrville – There has been a report of a possible rabid deer sighted in Kerrville. The doe was first seen on Thursday, June 27th, and again today, Friday, before 9:30 a.m.

The doe, who appears to be possibly 3 years old and either a White Tail or a Mule deer, seems to be foaming and drooling at the mouth and having issues swallowing.

Liz Moreno, a Kerrville resident, captured the video of the doe today, Liz stated that she lives near the golf course and was concerned if anyone else in the community has seen a deer foam at the mouth like this before.

We reached out to the Kerr County Texas Parks & Wildlife Department to express concern for the community, and the representative stated that the deer may have attempted to eat a cactus or have something stuck in its mouth.

With rabies reported in several neighboring areas throughout Texas and the number of deer plaguing illnesses reported affecting the deer population over the last few years, a concern for wildlife and the community is a priority.

Please remember to be cautious if you suspect any animal, wild or domesticated, of being rabid or carrying any disease please contact Kerr County Animal Control at 830-257-3100.

There is no other information at this time, please check back as this situation develops.

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