Sixth confirmed rabies case in Bandera County has officials concerned


BANDERA COUNTY – A sixth positive rabies case was confirmed in a raccoon by the Bandera County Sheriff’s Office on July 5.

BCSO stated that the incident happened in the 300 block of Diana Drive in the FM 3240 (Ridge Route) area of Bandera.

“Area residents are asked to be extremely cautious around wild animals, and to closely monitor their pets,” said the Sheriff’s Office. “This includes no outside feeding and no handling of any animal that has not been vaccinated against the rabies virus.”

This positive case is the sixth one in Bandera County this year and has local officials concerned.

The Bandera Bulletin reported that Dr. Conrad Nightingale, the rabies control officer in Bandera County said, “Right now, there are a lot more cases of rabies than we normally see at this time of year. We’re in a serious situation at this time, and we just can’t ignore it.”

The news source also stated that the Chief Deputy Matt King with the Bandera County Sheriff’s Office was in agreeance with Dr. Nightingale.

Residents are urged to contact dispatchers at 830-796-3771 if anyone encounters an animal acting unusually or showing signs of rabies.

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