If my neighbor surrenders my cat to animal services, then adopts it, is it hers?

KERRVILLE — A bizarre question has arisen after Gena Beckerson says her neighbor surrendered her cat named Conway Kitty to animal services and apparently has plans to go back and adopt the cat Monday to claim ownership.

That brings a question to light: “If my neighbor surrenders my cat to animal services, then adopts it, is it hers?”

This Facebook post has some details from Gena about what she says happened, but apparently, this isn’t the first recent cat escapade between these two neighbors.

On July 25th, Gena posted that her neighbor had taken her other cat, Coco, and had her inside of her house. Gena said she called the police and asked them to get a search warrant for the cat and her neighbor brought Coco out of the house.

Is this an abuse of the local animal shelter? Or a concerned citizen trying to keep cats off of the street.

When Gena was asked about her cats being outside, she had this to say. . .

“Cats like to roam around so it makes me sad to keep them “locked up”. I have NEVER had a problem with any of my pets outside of my yard.”

We have reached out to the neighbor, but haven’t heard back yet. We will follow up on this after Kerr County Animal Services opens Monday.


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