Heidi Nichole Carpenter indicted on three felonies, after allegedly stabbing ex-husband’s dog to death while he wasn’t home

BANDERA — Three felony indictments have been handed down a Hill Country realtor who allegedly broke into her ex-husband’s house while he wasn’t home and stabbed his dog to death, on March 26, 2019.

Heidi Nichole Carpenter, 47, was indicted July 16th with two felony counts of Burglary of Habitation Intend other Felony – Enhanced, and one felony count of Cruelty to Non-Livestock Animals – Enhanced, according to court records obtained by Texas Breaking News.

The indictments read that Heidi Nichole Carpenter allegedly “Did then and there intentionally and knowingly kill an animal, to-wit: A dog by stabbing with a knife, without the effective consent of Joe Bailey, the owner…”

The weapon used was considered a “Deadly Weapon Other Than Gun: A knife that by it’s manner of use or intended use, was capable of causing severe bodily injury or death.”

Dr. Conrad K. Nightingale, a local veterinarian in Bandera said, “In all my years of veterinary service I have not experienced such brutality and animal abuse of this fashion” in an autopsy report dated March 28th.

The two Burglary of Habitation Indictments are based on Carpenter allegedly entering the habitation without the effective consent of the home-owner, to attempt or commit the Felony offense of theft, and attempting to commit or committing the Felony offense of Cruelty to Non-Livestock Animals.

Several other items were missing from Joe Bailey’s residence and were recovered outside of his residence, including a snake-skin headband that his mother had made him when he was 5-years-old, according to Joe.

Carpenter was arrested Tuesday, July 23, in Kerr County and was released Wednesday after posting a $35,000 bond with several bond conditions.

She is scheduled to be arraigned sometime around August 19th, (unless she waives arraignment).

Carpenter’s first pre-trial will most likely be around October, with a trial happening in early 2020.

Texas Breaking News will continue to follow this strange, cruel case. . .

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Carpenter, Heidi Nichole , 07/23/2019




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