Brownsville has safest drivers in U.S., Allstate analysis finds


Brownsville earned the top spot on a new driver-safety ranking of the 200 largest U.S. cities.

The 15th annual report from Allstate Insurance Co. has a goal of honoring drivers in the top-ranked cities and promoting discussion of ways to enhance roadway safety nationwide, according to the company.

The analysis, called the 2019 Allstate America’s Best Drivers Report, ranks the cities based on frequency of collisions using Allstate insurance claims data.

“The goal of the America’s Best Drivers Report is to make our roads safer and ultimately save lives,” said Allstate’s chief claims officer, Ken Rosen, in a prepared statement. “… This country needs to come together to address pressing safety issues, such as rebuilding our roadway infrastructure to reduce risky conditions on America’s roads.”

On average, U.S. drivers experience a collision once every 10.57 years, according to the analysis. But Brownsville drivers average nearly 15 years between collisions, the Allstate study found.

Two other Texas cities made the top 15. Laredo, where drivers experience collisions every 13 years, came in fifth, while McAllen drivers are involved in collisions every 12.42 years on average, making its drivers the ninth-best among U.S. cities, the study said.

Brownsville took the first-place ranking for the second year in a row. No Texas cities were listed among the bottom-15 cities, but Corpus Christi was 18th; Amarillo, 20th; El Paso, 48th; Houston, 158th; and Dallas, 172nd.

In the past, Allstate has pressed for mandatory seat belt laws and the use of air bags to improve road safety. Today, the company advocates raising awareness about the dangers of texting while driving and has pushed for graduated driver’s licenses, which aim to limit teen driving and reduce teen-involved crashes.

The company has also launched an app that rewards drivers for safe-driving behaviors, according to a company news release.

Cities that have come in first in the Allstate rankings tend to be less densely populated and located in the west of the Mississippi River, according to the company. Cities in the No. 1 spot in past years were Cedar Rapids, Iowa; Sioux Falls, S.D.; Fort Collins, Colo.; and Kansas City, Kan.

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