23% of animals who went into Texas shelters were killed in 2018


TEXAS — 661,000 animals went into Texas animal shelters in 2018. 481,000 of those animals were saved — and 114,000 of those animals were killed according to BestFriends.org.

That means that 23% of Texas animals who went into Texas shelters didn’t make it out alive in 2018.

Texas and California have the highest numbers of animals killed in shelters by far. Texas comes in at 118,000 and California comes in at 114,000 pets killed in 2018. The next highest amount of shelter kills by a state in 2018 is North Carolina, with 55,900 kills.

Texas currently has 126 no-kill communities and animal advocates are working on increasing that number.

A major problem comes from pet owners who don’t spay or neuter their pets, then the pets reproduce, creating overloaded shelters throughout the state.

These shelters, controlled by local governments, must abide by their local laws and euthanize animals when they become overcrowded.

Texas Round-Up Animal Alliance is one of many non-profits in the state dedicated to rescuing animals from kill shelters and finding them “furever” homes, and these non-profits rescue as many animals as possible.

But, there is still the looming number of 23% of these animals out there that are being killed in shelters across Texas.

BestFriends.org has a plan to go no-kill nationwide by 2025, and plans to do so by getting laws changed that makes shelters become designated as no-kill.

No-kill doesn’t necessarily mean that no pets will be euthanized. For a shelter to be classified as no-kill, their euthanasia rate must be under 10%.

The reason behind that, according to BestFriends.org, is because in some cases, euthanasia is the most compassionate choice for some animals.

Of course, if the public started working in every county to adopt as many animals from shelters as possible, and made sure that the animals went to the right homes, and made sure their pets were spayed and neutered, that number could drop from 23% to under 10%.





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