UPDATE: 20 Dead, 26 Injured in El Paso shooting, possible hate crime

EL PASO — A normal Saturday morning turned into chaos this morning when a person walked into a shopping center in El Paso and started shooting.

20 people are dead and at 26 victims injured, according to Texas Governor Greg Abbot. Injuries reported are severe to non-life-threatening.

Police started receiving reports of gunfire at Walmart and Cielo Vista Mall next door at around 10 am.

El Paso Police say they are looking at a manifesto that the shooter possibly wrote and are looking at the shooting as a possible Hate Crime.

Police say the shooter was a white male in his 20’s and is now in custody. He has been identified as 21-year-old Patrick Crusius by ABC News.

Investigators raided Crusius residence in Allen, Texas Saturday evening.

There were up to 3,000 people in Wal-Mart back-to-school shopping when the shooting took place with 100 Wal-Mart employees.

The area is currently locked down and now the El Paso Criminal Investigations Division has started their investigation.

No law enforcement fired weapons to subdue the shooter. Police say that the shooter was taken into custody without incident.

KTSM TV released Surveillance photos of the person that they say they have confirmed as the shooter.

Wal-Mart Surveillance | KTSM TV

President Trump tweeted about the shooting Saturday afternoon saying, “Reports are very bad, many killed.”



We are working on getting more details.


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